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committee meetingThe Morristown Unitarian Fellowship is an active community offering many opportunities for service and personal spiritual growth. Both day and night, the halls of our Fellowship echo with a diversity of exciting activities: interest groups, support groups and committees serving both our religious community and the world around us. These groups need and welcome the participation of new members. Be sure to click the links within each committee or group description since many committees have their own Web pages.

Ministering to the MUF Community

A/V Committee

Caring Committee

Coffee Hour Ministry

Committee on Ministry

Concert Series

Endowment Trustees

Facilities Council

Finance Committee

Flowers, Sunday Morning

Music Committee


Partner Church Committee

Pastoral Friends

Special Events/Fundraising

Sunday Services Committee

Technology Committee

Ushers, Sunday Morning

Website Team

Welcoming and Membership Committee

Social Action

Social Justice Council

Blood Bank

Eric Johnson House

Family Promise

Green Earth Ministry

Habitat for Humanity

Homeless Solutions

Seeds of Peace

Service Committee Action Network (SCAN)

Signature Project

Soup Kitchen

UU Envoy/UU UN Office

UU Legislative MInistry of NJ


Spiritual Growth and Enrichment

Adult RE Committee

Children's RE Committee

Lifespan RE Council

Senior High Youth Group

Activity Groups

Book Group

Cordial Conversations and Chow

Dinners at Eight

Lunch Bunch

Men's Group, Consciousness Raising

Tai Chi and Qigong Exercise Classes

Vegetarian Potluck Dinners



Ministering to the MUF Community

Gabor Kiss

The A/V Committee provides audio visual support to the Fellowship services and other programs. For requests to record an event:

Laurie MacGeorge

In time of need, this committee gives a hand to members and friends of the Fellowship. They coordinate the work of many Fellowship volunteers who provide telephone calls, hospital and home visits, meals, healing circles, shopping, transportation and relief to care-givers.

Kathleen Taggart

2013-2014: Donna Perch, Chair, Elizabeth Bain, Cintra Fricke, George Hays, Steve Kreha, Joe Uhrhane.

COM promotes right relations within the Fellowship. We are also involved in monitoring the overall "spirit" of the Fellowship. COM works with individuals or groups when they have a concern, problem or complaint. We encourage resolution of the issues by promoting direct and constructive communication with all concerned parties. We are available to assist in facilitating communication. Please contact us if you would like assistance. Click here to learn more about how and why COM meets.

Right relations are a living concept and a concept for living. We encourage all MUF members to make the Right Relations Promise. COM members welcome your ideas and observations. Our phone numbers and emails may be found in the directory.

Dr. Jim Blanton

John Oehler, Chair
Elizabeth Bain, Ron Corey, Barbara Pecca, John Solu, Marti Weinstein

The Morristown Unitarian Fellowship’s (MUF) Endowment Board of Trustees manages an Endowment Fund, which was established in 1988. The 2013 value is approximately a quarter of a million dollars. The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to enhance MUF’s mission apart from general operations. In addition, the Endowment Fund shall help secure, strengthen, and extend the long term survival of our congregation. The Fund was established and continues to build with small and large gifts from members and friends commemorating births, weddings, deaths, in honor of, and other important events in our lives. In addition, many members have included in their estate plans, gifts of money, property or securities as part of their planned giving. For those who have planned to leave or have donated at least $5,000, their names are inscribed on nameplates on the Legacy Wall and are given a gift of a Peggy Karr fused glass plate with an image of MUF and their names inscribed. To learn more about the many ways that members and friends can give to the Endowment Fund, please refer to MUF’s brochure “Pathways for Your Legacy” which can be found on this website or in the literature rack in the great hall. In addition, you may contact any of the Endowment Board of Trustees or email us at

Nan Perigo, chair -
Linda Delap, Ben Breitkreuz, Tim Davis

The Facilities Council at MUF serves to represent the interests of our facility: grounds, gardens, improvements, maintenance, and historical preservation. We work closely with the Operations Manager at MUF to advise and coordinate needed changes to the facilities. Our goal is to improve our building and grounds in an efficient and timely manner, coordinating workers, volunteers, and funding to best use. By acting as a central coordinating committee, we work to oversee relevant work and projects, preventing overlap and redundancy between various volunteers and staff, while giving MUF members and friends a means to request work be done in the facilities as well as find out how to help. We coordinate twice-yearly cleanups – in Spring and Fall – to use volunteer labor to complete deep cleaning and grounds work that cannot be otherwise afforded by the Fellowship. We encourage members and friends to contact us for additional information or to volunteer to take on tasks such as weeding, painting, special projects. For a fascinating summary about our building, check out “A Brief History Of OUR Building.

Chair: Richard Dufort
Group: (Limited Access Email)

This group manages Fellowship finances and educates our Executive Board in all aspects of finance. Their work ensures MUF's long-term health and growth.

Zella Geltman 973-669-1181

Coordinates the provision of floral arrangements to enhance Sunday services. Contact by phone preferred.

Music Director Jim Blanton Members, Oriana Edelman, Sharon Glickman, Steve Gruber, Vicki Hicks, Steve Humphreys, Jerry LaBrie

The music committee works with the Music Director in strategic planning and evaluation of the music activities at or sponsored by MUF; communicates and collaborates with other MUF members, committees and organizations regarding these activities; and coordinates and helps execute the MUF Concert Series and special musical events.  TERM: Two-year renewable term for members, appointed by the Music Director.  MEETINGS: As needed.

Anne Bungo

Generally, a newsletter is published monthly and is available online or by mail; see the newsletter page for more information.

Gabor Kiss

Maintains the relationship with the Fellowship's partner church in Sinfalva, Romania (Transylvania). Sinfalva is about 15 miles from Torda, the birthplace of Unitarianism. The Committee raises funds, disseminates information about the origins and history of Unitarianism and its state in modern-day Romania, and encourages contacts between the members of the two congregations.

Gloria Jackson
Beth Hayward

We focus on being a "pastoral presence" and "walking with" folks during challenging times.

Nina Nemeth at

Chair: Franklin Heller

Responsible for planning, creating, coordinating and supporting many of the Sunday morning programs each year, as well as providing support for services led by the minister and guest speakers. The Sunday Services Committee works with the professional staff and the congregation to provide compelling and enriching worship experiences that strengthen our beloved community.  We aspire to comfort, challenge, and inspire. Recognizing that our congregants have many beliefs and needs, we strive for diversity in services that are inclusive and welcoming to all.  Through our services, we want participants of all ages to become more committed to our covenant, more connected to one another, and more generous to our community and the world.

Chair: Laurent Comes

Oversees the Fellowship information technology needs, including office computer software and hardware, and telephone systems. It handles the technology infrastructure, both in house and online. The online aspect includes the domain registration, hosting arrangements, email, mailing  lists, wikis, calendars, and other web services supporting the membership and committees, but not the web site proper.

Steve Gruber

These volunteers take turns welcoming people at the doors of the Meeting Room on Sunday morning, handing out Orders of Service and assisting those with special needs. They also collect the offering.

Gabor Kiss
Hazel Bell, Dany Bouchedid, Kathleen Caccavale, Dennis Luken

Oversees and handles the MUF web site, including design, content, and maintenance.

Bob Scott

Visitors to the Fellowship are welcomed by members of this committee, who try to make them feel comfortable and to acquaint them with life at MUF. Newcomers are encouraged to explore the pleasures and responsibilities of participating in our community. This committee also tries to maintain ongoing contact with established members and friends.

Social Action Groups

Zella Geltman 973-669-1181

Twice a year, this committee arranges blood drives at the Fellowship. Sign up on Sundays or by phone.

Zella Geltman at

MUF members provide a home cooked meal for 10 residents of the Eric Johnson House Residence– a community of the homeless HIV/AIDS patients who are trying to recover sufficiently to make stabilizing choices for their future. Meals are prepared on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.

Julie Wolfe

This Emergency Shelter program provides lodging for up to 14 adults and children. The “Guests” stay at various “Host Church” sites and move to a different Host location each week of the year.  “Supporting Congregations”, like MUF, provide both the adult supervision (usually in 2-3 hour shifts), provide one complete meal, as well as other occasional services like laundry.  MUF is part of The Group of 5 Congregations, and helps host “guests” for one week, 4 times a year.  MUF volunteers may join in for meals, monitor activities, assist guests as needed, and provide a listening ear and support.

Linda DeLap

Meets the second Tuesday of each month at MUF at 6:30 p.m. 

This committee seeks to encourage earth-friendly practices within MUF itself, within the lives of MUF members and friends, and in the larger communities to which we belong.  Goals include raising awareness of environmental issues and injustices; encouraging community and government action; generating commitment to sustainable lifestyle choices; and building a connection between spiritual practice and environmental consciousness.  All are welcome to participate in our activities and meetings.

Toby Tyler

MUF volunteers (age 16 and older) work on Habitat projects in Morris County by providing on-site labor and services. There are numerous ways to get involved from pounding nails to providing and serving lunch. Contractor and trade person’s services are always welcomed.

Nina Nemeth at

Our local shelter, Homeless Solutions, located at 540 Hanover Ave in the county facility campus, serves as home to nearly 150 men, women and children. On the 2nd Saturday of each month, MUF members shop for, prepare and serve a much-awaited "cheeseburger and birthday cake" supper. Volunteers are needed from 5:00 to 7:00 (still leaves time to go out Saturday night!).

Jo Sippie-Gora

Seeks to engage members and the public in its moral responsibility to create a culture of peace by:

  • Hosting Educational programs - to gain insight into the fundamental causes of violence, war and all forms of injustice;
  • Offering Workshops – to develop skill in compassionate communication and framing our values in our language;
  • Joining Coalitions & Partnering with Interfaith, Secular and other UU groups – to educate about, and advocate for, peace, justice and environmental sustainability.

Karen Burns

SCAN provides information for the Fellowship regarding humanitarian concerns in Central America. It runs an annual Benefit Coffee House each January to raise funds to be sent to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Peace Works and other charitable organizations.

Chris Reynolds

The Social Justice Council is an umbrella group that meets on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm to:

  • Coordinate MUF’s Signature Project
  • Promote the agendas/activities of MUF's Social Action and Study Action Groups
  • Organize new and seasonal social action responses by the MUF Community
  • Consider social service requests for funding and conducts a quarterly allocation of 50% of MUF's collection monies on behalf of the "people of MUF" to local and other charities.

Katharina Pietraszek

This is MUF’s annual service project which is designed to put our UU values into action by focusing MUF’s resources on an identified need(s) within our local community. A variety of programs and initiatives provide for multi-generational volunteer involvement.

Susan Oxman

MUF meets a commitment to serve several hundred hungry people in our Morristown community a nutritious midday meal 7 days a week by:

  • Raising over $7,500 annually through bake sales, hunger walk and dedicated collection  to support kitchen operations, .
  • Mobilizing 10 MUF volunteers to serve lunch on 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Church of the Redeemer in Morristown; four people who have taken the safe food handling class help in the kitchen.

Shari Loe
Valarie Randolph vb

The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO), is an NGO with consultative status at the UN, which offers access to critical forums and working groups for real influence on issues being worked at that global body. Recent initiatives include a successful push to have GLBT rights recognized as human rights on the world stage; Women & Security; and Women & Climate Change. The annual Spring Seminar in April brings together UUs from all over the US and Canada to study and form action plans to promote UU values and Principles.

The MUF Envoy Committee  represents the UU UNO within our congregation, raises funds to support the group through individual and congregational membership; disseminates information on current UN activities as well as the UU UNO's own programs, and plans Sunday Services and other events at MUF to promote UU UNO’s goals.

Tobi Tyler

MUF is a member of the UU Legislative Ministry of NJ.  MUF members with interests in health care, economic and environmental justice, marriage equality,  and immigration reform can join with other UU congregations to effect change through the legislative process.

Spiritual Growth and Enrichment

Tricia Armstrong

For information on adult programming/lifespan learning, see Adult Programs.

Tim Atkins

For information on children and youth programming, see REKids.

Beth Murphy

For more information see Building a Multigenerational Congregation.

Greg Kreha
Mindy Schmidt

Activity Groups

Book Group
Nancy Lee McLure

The group enjoys reading and discussing a different book each month. We have room for more members, so come join us for a great discussion!

Cordial Conversations and Chow
Gloria Dyer

Meets 4th Wednesdays (third Wednesdays in case of national holiday).  Cordial Conversations and Chow is a 10:30 morning meeting of people  discussing topics decided upon by the assembled members of the  group. A brown bag luncheon follows at noon for those who can stay longer. We usually meet in the Library although we may also meet off site occasionally.

Dinners at Eight
Judy Oehler

Lunch Bunch
Don Price

The Lunch Bunch meets after the 11 a.m. service (10 a.m. in summer) for lunch every Sunday at a local restaurant and possibly an activity afterwards. Look for Don in the Great Hall if you would like to join in.

Men's Group, Consciousness Raising
Don Price

Meets Thursday evenings. Contact Don for more details.

Tai Chi and Qigong Exercise Classes
Laurie MacGeorge, 201-650-1013

First and Third Saturday of every month at 9:30 in the Terrace Room — a great way to get in shape, get healthy and learn to relax. Come join other MUF friends to practice this ancient energy work together. Led by our own Al Chu, creator of Tai Chi Light .

Vegetarian Potluck Dinners
Barbara Pecca

Meet every month on the 2nd Sunday at 5pm in people's homes; there are currently more than 20 members, who rotate hosting.



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