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Dr. Jim Blanton, Music Director


The Morristown Unitarian Fellowship is a congregation of music lovers. Our music program features three choirs and many congregant soloists and instrumentalists, as well as frequent guest performers. We also offer an annual concert series and composer in residence program, and workshops on congregational singing and musical participation. Sunday Services exhibit robust congregational singing, choir anthems and instrumental solos in diverse musical styles and periods. Our grand piano and harpsichord are frequently used instruments, but congregants also may encounter drums, orchestral instruments, guitars or jazz ensembles. Music at the Fellowship engages congregants of all ages and musical tastes.



MUF offers performing music ensembles for many ages and levels of performance. Get involved in the group that fits you!:

MUF ADULT CHOIR: Rehearses Tuesdays at 6:15-7:30 PM and Sundays after Services, and sings throughout the year for the 11 AM and Summer Services.

MORRIS CONSORT: An advanced-level chamber choir, by audition, which rehearses Tuesday evenings at 7:30-9 PM and performs twice yearly at Services and on the MUF Concert Series.

MUF CHAMBER ENSEMBLE: For instrumentalists who have played their instrument at least 4 years. Rehearses twice monthly TBA and performs at Services several times a year.

All MUF youth are encouraged to participate in our congregational musical activities. Those from Pre-K through 6th grade are invited to join in our Choir program, rehearsing bi-weekly during the final 15 minutes of the RE class period, singing monthly at the 9 AM Service and participating in concerts, Christmas Eve and special events.

CHALICE CHOIR:  Pre-K through 2nd grade

BEACON CHOIR:  Grades 3-6

To get involved, see Dr. Jim: 845-858-9895 or

Other Musical Programs

Sunday Mornings are not the only times that the halls at MUF ring with the sounds of music. Watch for announcements of concerts and other special programs in the What's Happening section throughout the year.

The Folk Project Minstrel Concert Series is in residence at MUF. Folk concerts every Friday night.


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