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newsletterWe offer the MUF Newsletter online to bring you news of the Fellowship in a timely and energy-efficient way.  Check before the first of the month for the new edition. We will notify online readers by email when the issue is posted (provided, of course, that we have your email address). To elect to read the Newsletter online and discontinue our mailings of same to you, please email, writing "STOP THE MAILED NEWSLETTER." This saves trees and saves us money!

Deadline for Newsletter submissions is the 15th of each month. Send submissions to Mandi Huizenga, Congregational Administrator at   

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Correction on p. 7

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copy added 8/2/09

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Please note the following correction in the description of the May 22 services:   "At 11:00, we will have a child-naming ceremony for Ethan Stoerger,...."
June, 2005-Flash
July, 2005-Flash
July, 2005-PDF
August, 2005-Flash
August, 2005-PDF
Please note the following differences from the printed Newsletter: 1. On p. 10 we note with sadness the death of Karen Burns Rutigliano's mother. 2. The talk originally scheduled after our Sunday service of Aug. 7 has been cancelled. 3. The year-end financials mentioned on p. 5 are shown here.
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2004-2005 Year-End Financial Statement

To ensure the privacy of our members and friends, all personal telephone numbers, home addresses, and the "Joys and Concerns" column will be removed from our online newsletters available in the public portions of our website.

Members may read the complete contents in our Members Only area. Contact the MUF Administrator to obtain access:

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