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women's fesitval

17th Annual Morristown
Women's Fesitval

2007 Theme:



Click here for more information & to register online


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Morristown Unitarian Fellowship
21 Normandy Heights Road
Morristown, NJ 07960

Women's Festival



The day of the Festival includes:

>  Opening Ceremonies
Keynote Speaker: Neale S. Godfrey

Featured Performer: Cris Williamson
Workshops for Women by Women

Laser Coaching Sessions

>  Women's Marketplace

>  Complimentary Chair Massage

>  Continental Breakfast and Lunch


Women's Festival

Photo by Stacy Gregg

Join us to a day of celebration where...

  • Women of all ages and backgrounds gather in the spirit of growth, learning and empowerment,
  • Women's horizons are expanded, and
  • Women make connections that extend beyond the day of the Festival.
Give yourself a gift for Mother's Day this year by celebrating at the Morristown Women's Festival!

Women's Festival
Photo by Stacy Gregg






Click here for...     

             2007 Women's Festival Brochure

             Registration Form

             Festival Flyer

New this year:

               Online Registration



** Deadline for Pre-Registration for Workshops Is May 6

You may still pre-register for the Festival until May 10 but will have to register for workshops on the day of the event.

Registration will be available at the door -

credit cards will not be accepted.




Announcing the Women's Festival's




Keynote Speaker Sponsored by


Neale S. Godfrey is an acknowledged expert on family and children’s finances. She has been in the financial field for over 30 years. Early in her career, Neale became one of the first female executives at The Chase Manhattan Bank in 1972. Later, she became the President of The First Women’s Bank and Founder of The First Children’s Bank.

In 1989, Neale formed her own company, Children’s Financial Network, Inc., whose mission is to educate children—and their parents—about money. In August 2006, Neale revised and updated her #1 New York Times Best Seller, Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Financially Responsible Children. Neale’s latest book is LIFE, INC: The Ultimate Career Guide for Young People. She is the author of 16 books that deal with money, life skills, and value issues. She developed money curriculum for children, The One and Only Common Sense/Cents Series, and a CD-ROM,
Money Town, both created for children grades Pre-K through 9.

Neale empowers women to take charge of their financial lives and has authored two books on that topic: Mom, Inc: Taking Your Work Skills Home and Making Change: A Women’s Guide to Designing her Financial Future.

She has served as a national spokesperson for such companies as: Aetna, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Fidelity, Quaker Oats, Nuveen, and AOL-Time Warner. She is a professional speaker for both domestic and international audiences. Neale often appears as a financial expert on programs like The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNBC, CNN, CNN-fn, etc. She also starred in the PBS special, Your Money, Your Children, Your Life.

Neale has been honored with awards such as “Woman of the Year”, “Banker of the Year”, “Child Advocate of the Year”, and received the first “Femme Award” from the United Nations Agency for International Women’s Rights (UNIFEM). Despite these achievements, what her kids really think is cool is that she was a “question” on both Jeopardy and in The New York Times crossword puzzle! She has also served on a White House Task Force and a Governor’s Task Force as well as on the Board of Directors of The New York Board of Trade, UNICEF, University of Charleston, and YPO. Currently, she is on the Board of Directors of UNIFEM, Morris County NJ Chamber of Commerce, the Business and Education Together Foundation, Inc., and the Advisory Board of Girls, Inc.

Neale also stars in a one-woman show, Neale Godfrey is Tap Dancing through the Board Room that plays off-Broadway, nationally and internationally.

Neale is a single mother of two children, living in Chester, NJ.




Featured Performer:


Singer, songwriter and Spirit healer


                                                                                 Photo by Irene Young  


"The first time I heard Cris' music, it was like hearing honey dripped on a cello...

Cris has been a whole lot of women's heroes -- including mine."

 -- Bonnie Raitt                            


Decades before indie labels were the norm, and years before women had any real access to the industry, Cris Williamson was busy changing the face of popular music. Williamson's stellar vocals and compelling persona are regarded as legendary for good reason. In 1975, the twenty-something former schoolteacher recorded The Changer And The Changed. Today, that record remains one of the best-selling independent releases of all time.

The Changer and The Changed established Williamson as one of the guiding voices for a movement striving to liberate women, and launched what would become known as “women’s music,”  music which was created, performed, and marketed specifically to women. Williamson and contemporaries Holly Near, Margie Adam, and Meg Christian, unabashedly fused politics with sensuality and wit.


Cris's music is as much a political and cultural statement as it is entertainment—and is as powerful and relevant today as it was in 1975. With the emergence of a new generation of women, Williamson again finds herself as a loud and clear voice for women in today’s political and social climate. With each performance, Williamson, through her music and message, will challenge women—and all people—to join together to renew the spirit and hopes that surround The Changer and The Changed.


Cris's music was embraced by women and so-called Women’s Music by audiences hungry for fresh, bold sound able to match the uncharted waters of the mid-seventies.  It took close to a decade for the genre to earn a critical reception, and by that time Cris's astounding vocals were earning reviews sounding as though they were penned by close relatives. Finally, the stage had been set for women to write, produce, record, and issue their own material -- on their own terms.


Heralded by The Boston Globe as, "a brilliant lyricist and composer", Cris's music has always defied categorization.  Whether it's the vibrant clarity of Blue Rider, or the live concert recording celebrating the (then) fifteenth anniversary of the anthemic Changer, Williamson continues to traverse the musical and lyrical map.  A dynamic performer, she electrifies, empowers, and enlightens audiences across the generational and musical spectrum.




women's fesitval


        2007 WORKSHOPS

         by women for women



1A - Energy for Life  - Pat Pozarek

Have the best of life, rather than have life get the best of you.  Learn about your personal energy drainers and develop strategies for eliminating or handling them.

1B - An Organized Path to Wellness

- Carla Boissonault

Learn how to use the "TLC" method to gain control of your time and space, create your own organized path to wellness, plus creative ways to foster a “green” environment as you get organized.

1C - Chi For You- Virginia Mills

I will lead you in a relaxing hour of sitting self-massage, standing warm-ups, and gentle movements of Qi Gong/ Tai Chi to increase the flow of energy.

1D – Constant Cravings  - Csilla Bischoff

Do you frequently crave sweets, chocolate or other carbohydrates?  By examining your daily lifestyle choices and behavioral patterns, you will learn easy, tangible ways to take better care of yourself.

1E - The 7 Levels of Consciousness: Creating Your Ideal Life – Liz Fisch

Learn a new way of thinking about your life and the world. Explore the seven levels of consciousness and learn how to attract all you’ve ever wanted.

1F - Discover the Power of Essential Oils 

- Sue Pelechaty & Sibylle Preuschat

You have the power to create increased well-being! Learn how to use essential oils to build your immunity, reduce stress, raise energy, ease pain, and enhance intuition.

1H  - Reclaim Your Body of Knowledge

-  Theresa Pettersen-Chu

Experience how listening to your body with gentle touch and talk can connect you to your rich inner landscape of knowing.

1J - From So-so to Oooooh: Communicating your Sexual Needs and Desires

 - Melanie Davis

Get comfortable using lovers’ language, understand your unique motivation for talking openly with your lover, and gain communication skills designed to increase your lover’s receptivity to your needs and desires.


2A - Homeopathy and the Pursuit of Happiness - Kate Lincoln

Our birthright includes life, liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Learn how the homeopathic process can address whatever may be impeding you in your Pursuit of Happiness.

2B - How to Create the Beautiful Living Spaces You Deserve – Carol Kotopoulis

Learn how to use color, floor plans, fabrics and furnishings to create an interior that reflects your unique personality - a space you will love to come home to.

2C - Re-Discover Your Pelvis Power - Diane Bates

Experience movement to improve awareness of your pelvic floor – for a more complete image of your body and improved movement and sensation - based on the Feldenkrais Method®.

2D - Living Out Loud: Writing to Unleash Your Unapologetic Fabulosity - Deb Cooperman

Experience the magically delicious and popular Living Out Loud writing group. See how easy it is to allow your inner voice to bubble up, and come out and play. YUM!

2E - Tree Whispering™: Interact Heart-to-Heart with Nature  - Basia Alexander

Love trees? “Climb inside” to experience the plant’s point of view through a multi-sensory meditation. Leave empowered with “new science” information, inspired by connection to the Spirit of Nature.

2F - C.P.R. for a Balanced LifeHueina Su

Are you struggling to balance work and family? Learn how to give your life a C.P.R. so you can nurture yourself, create more balance, and have inner peace despite chaos.

2H - Choices in Childbirth - Dina Aurichio

Licensed midwife, Dina Aurichio, will explore birth options in our community.  We will explore home, hospital and birth center. Emphasis will be on empowering women during pregnancy and birth.

2J – The Art of Self – Jocelyn Bates

You only get one body, love her. Through creating a life-size self-portrait you’ll come face to face with the womyn you are. Tap into your creativity and find your beauty. [Please bring $5 for supplies]


3A – Relationship Rights for Girls - Juli Harpell-Elam

If you work with or care about girls, come learn how to help them identify their relationship values and to create change to promote healthy relationships and prevent abusive ones.

3B – Celebrate the Wise Woman!Gail Patterson

Baby Boomer women, this is OUR time! We have  “been there, done that, have the t-shirts to prove it.” Come celebrate our triumphs past, present & future!

3C - Sacred Sounds:  Experience a Shamanic  Journey - Jill Wodnick & Kelli DeFlora

This experiential workshop will ask participants to lie down as you receive deep relaxation and greater self awareness through the restorative and introspective space of shamanism.

3D - Your Right to Optimal Health - Carolyn Ilnicki, DC

Women have a unique biochemistry and right to be healthy. Learn how to: maximize your health and empower your body, determine your individual metabolic type and eat for longevity.

3E - Techniques for Relieving Stress - Deborah Dunn

Learn simple breathing techniques, stretches from your chair, and a seated stress relieving exercise... guaranteed to relax you in the moment and 'tools' to take with you.

3F - Feng Shui: Interior Decor for your Bedroom- Deanna Trust

Learn the advantages of creating a yin environment conducive to restful sleep, personal relationship happiness and improved health. Explore personal chi to determine best colors for your bedroom. 

3G - Can I be Frank?  Speaking your truth brings freedom! -  Rita  Parker Woodard

Trying to be nice, not hurt anyone’s feelings? What will they think of you if you speak out? What’s the cost of suppressing? Learn how to feel safe when speaking your mind.

3H – Rebirthing Your Inner Wisdom - Rose Scherschel   

Recognizing the wisdom that lies within you brings intuitive decision-making skills to the surface. You can release old patterns,  and create sacred space to self-love and live life with joy.

3J - The Art of Peace, Love and Joy! - Elaine Silver   

Feel your vibration rise as we celebrate and honor our true nature and birthright as Women and Goddesses sharing Oneness and Divinity through singing, chanting, breathing and being.



4A - The Unlikely Heroines’ Club - Debbie Branker Harrod

In this engaging powershop, you’ll understand what blocks you from leading your dream life, learn simple strategies to overcome these challenges and begin the fulfilling life that you’ve yearned for.

4B - Jump Start Your Heart!- Beth Tiger and Marisa Gonzalez

Enjoyable relationships need not be a mystery any longer. This fun class will show you the fundamental and easy to understand insights about what it takes to have great relationships.

4C - Celebrate your Aliveness with Danskinetics -  Ellen Shapiro

Kripalu Danskinetics is a dance/movement class for all fitness levels and body shapes. A playful workout with a creative mix of music. Bring water and clothes to move (and sweat) in!

4D - Create Seasonal Masalas for Health and Healing - Stephanie Philwyn & Padmasri Tepedino

Strengthen your sense of well-being and cultivate inner harmony through the ancient practice of grinding spices to create seasonal masalas. Explore the 6 Ayurvedic seasons, the 5 elements, and more.

4E - Financial Empowerment -  Meira Findel

Release the patterns that have been blocking your abundance and claim your power! Learn how to  invoke Prosperity and reach your full potential.

4F - Let Yourself Come Out and Play!  - Helen Burton

Children don't need to be taught to laugh or have fun.  Neither do You! Rediscover the lost child in you, reclaim your capacity for fun and laughter.

4G - The Inherited Power Within - Susan Freeman

Learn how to tap into your "inherited power within" through the use of creativity, treasure mapping and more! Through a guided meditation and discussion, you will have some tools you can use!

4H - Awaken the Goddess Within - Sue Waldman, LPC

Embrace and celebrate the love, mystery, passion, beauty, and inner strength that lives within every woman. Feel it, Breathe it, Be it!  


Women's Festival
Photo by Stacy Gregg


Sponsored by

of the

Morristown Unitarian Fellowship





   YOU !!

Volunteering is a great way to get involved and to help make this year's festival the best ever! In addition to helping with publicity, registration and mailings, we also need volunteers on the day of the event (or the night before) to setup workshop rooms, staff Festival tables during the day, setup breakfast or lunch, serve as a liaison to one or more of the workshops, cleanup at the end of the day, etc.

If you'd like to be "on the inside" this year, leave a message on the Women's Festival phone line at 973-540-1177, ext. 256, or contact us at WomensFestival@muuf.org. We'd love to have your help!




Workshop Leaders and Marketplace Vendors for this year's festival have already been selected. If you would like to submit a proposal to lead a workshop or be a vendor for the 2008 Festival, contact us at WomensFestival@muuf.org




Check it out --

Last Year's Festival

"Real Women, Real Bodies, Real Selves"

May 13, 2006


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